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Optimized Parts

Optimized Relationships = Optimized Parts

In business, it's all about relationships. The better we get to know our clients and their trucks, the better we can recommend parts based on individual client needs. Not every vehicle is the same, and not every client uses their vehicles in the same way. 


There are many variables, such as: 

• The way the vehicles are used

• The environment in which the vehicles operate (ie: cold and snow vs. hot weather and dusty conditions)

• The expectations placed on the vehicles, such as number of hours each day, miles, etc.

When we speak with you to determine your needs, we can select and recommend many "problem-solver" product solutions which result in better outcomes, less downtime and lower overall costs - all while delivering higher vehicle reliability, keeping your trucks on the road.

In combination with our DTC Program (Drive Through Census Program), we will act as your proactive technical team to make sure your trucks are working at peak performance, with very little downtime.  

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