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About Us

You rely on your trucks to keep your business alive.

The big question is, who do you rely on to keep your truck alive?  A gas station?  A repair shop?  Really?

We humbly suggest us: The Long Life Spring Family of Businesses. With three locations to serve you, we are confident that you will find our service and expertise in small, medium and heavy-duty truck repairs to be second-to-none. Management and staff at Long Life Spring in the Scranton Metro, PA region, R&G Spring in Williamsport, PA and Buffalo Spring in Buffalo, NY all work with the same goal in mind - get your work trucks serviced and back on the road as quickly as we possibly can, so YOU can get back to work.

Since 1929 our only focus has been trucks and truck owners that work for a living. 

What does that mean to you?  It means scheduling with urgency, and delivering turnaround times that match yours. It means developing and installing products with 91 years of know-how, so your truck will spend more time on the road and less time in one of our service bays. For light, medium and heavy-duty trucks -  we can help get your work truck back on the road, and working.

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