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FLEET Management

We'll Keep You On the Road.

Running a business can require a multitude of duties and responsibilities. Trust the experts at Long Life Fleet to keep your fleet maintained and running at its maximum capacity. We apply Inspections and Service Plans, we verify operations are completed and collect all major data from your vehicles' operation, maintenance and repairs.

We register your fleet in our vehicle management system. So, even if you do your own work, or have someone else do it for you, that information follows your vehicles and sets up reminders for service at proper intervals. The system also allows drivers to perform and record their daily vehicle inspections (DVIRs) as well as report vehicle problems to their supervisors.

We provide quarterly and annual reporting to report and review fleet statistics - this enables us to make optimal recommendations to help guide you in vehicle dispositions and acquisitions, as well as identify any areas of concern in operation, performance or maintenance. Because, keeping your fleet in top-condition is of utmost importance to the success of your business. And ours.

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