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DTC Program

Optimized Parts - PLUS!
Less Downtime, More Road Time.

  • FREE YOURSELF from OEM Dealers and purchase the parts that YOU want.

  • We will catalogue the most important 150 items on each truck - parts that are most likely to be replaced during the owner's lifetime.

  • We show improved/optimized options for each part based on that vehicle's use, environment and expectations.

  • We adjust our internal inventory based on the information we obtain, improving the customers' access and delivery of in-demand items  - resulting in less wait time for your parts!

  • We create accessible reports that our clients can access at any time to determine what part number they need to replace a failed item.

  • We provide alternate part numbers and cross references for parts, so clients can access multiple sources without being locked into limited vendors.

  • Clients can view products that will provide optimum results.


In conjunction with E-Build sheets, this proactive solution is a truck owner's dream program. Less downtime, more road time. It's what it's all about.

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