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Inspections Forms - Edit & Assign

[Standard Navigation / Inspections / Forms]


To Edit - Locate the Inspection you want:

  • Click on ‘Items’ in that Specific Inspection’s box.

  • Hover in between Inspection Items and click on the Green + to add Items

  • Click on the Garbage Can (center icon) on the right side of an Inspection Item to Delete.

  • Click the Blue ‘Save’ button.


To Assign an Inspection to a Vehicle – Locate Desired Inspection:

  • Click on ‘Vehicles’ Title in that Specific Inspection’s box.

  • Click on the Blue ‘Add Vehicles’ box.

  • Select ‘All Vehicles’, ‘Some Vehicles’ or ‘Specific Vehicles’ and add.

Manual Inspections Assignment    

Unscheduled Inspections can be assigned manually.

[Standard Navigation / Inspections / Schedules / + Start Inspection]


To Start an Inspection on a Vehicle which is NOT Assigned to that Inspection:

  • Click on the Green ‘+ Start Inspection’ button.

  • Select the Inspection Type from the List

  • Select a Vehicle anc <click on> ‘Save Inspection’

Inspection History & Details

View Inspection Reports to get specifics on Failures.

 [Standard Navigation / Inspections/Inspection History]

  • Click on the Inspection record to see details.

For More In-Depth Coverage of INSPECTIONS, Click:

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