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Work Order Assignments

Assign / Change Assignment / Edit a W.O.

[Standard Navigation / Service / Work Orders]

  • The ‘Assigned To’ column will be empty.  (see yellow box)

  • The ‘Number’ column refers to the W.O. #

  • Click on the W.O. # to open it.

  • Click the [Edit ] button in the Upper/Right corner of the page

  • Go to the ‘Assigned To’ field and choose the desired Mechanic.

  • Make any other edits or changes to the W.O.

  • Click the blue [Save Work Order] button in the upper right corner.

Scheduling Work Orders

There is no specific process needed to Schedule Work Orders. It is done when you:

  • Assign the Work Order to a Mechanic (see above)

  • Set the ‘Status’ on the W.O. based on the job’s Priority. (You can reset Status anytime)

  • Optionally, you can assign a Start Date or Due Date when creating the W.O.

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