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Purchase Orders

P.O. Statuses


Purchase Orders

[Standard Navigation / Parts & Inventory / Purchase Orders / +Add P.O.]

  • Entering Vendor & Location

  • Enter Items / Parts and Quantities

  • ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Save and Approve’

            Users without PO Approval Rights                    can only ‘Submit for Approval’

  • Unapproved Drafts are ‘Pending’ and must be ‘Approved’ by a Manager

  • Approved P.O.s can be ‘Edited’.

  • When Ordered, Mark as 'Purchased’

  • When Purchased, Order goes to ‘Receiving’.

  • When Items delivered, Receive Quantities.

    • Full Quantities = Received-Full

    • Underages = Received-Partial

  • Upon Full Receipt, P.O. moves to ‘Closed’

For More In-Depth Coverage of PURCHASE ORDERS, Click:

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