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Concierge Services

Concierge Services

The following items are optional for you to learn. We Setup, Create and Edit for all of the following Tasks, so you don't have to.

Concierge Items Include (Setup, Editing, etc.):

  • Company, Groups and Locations Addition

  • Accounting/Expense Categories

  • Fix/Repair Bad Entries and Mistakes

  • Custom Fields & Labels

  • Assets

  • User

  • Inspection & Service Plans

  • Reminders

  • Service Tasks & Labor Items

  • Vendors

  • Service Entries (Our Data People will gladly enter all of your Outsourced Purchases)

  • Parts & Inventory

  • Dashboards

  • Fuel & Telematics/GPS Integrations and Management

Just Email, Fax or Telephone your additions, changes or deletions.

For Immediate Needs, please Telephone     917-428-0927

Email Additions, Corrections & Changes to

Fax Additions, Corrections & Changes to 570-307-0267

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